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Issues of Immigration

by on July 25th, 2009

Issues of Immigration

August 23rd, Sunday , 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Speaker: Ken Schoolland

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  1. mcbowler permalink

    Sorry I deleted the comment! Im trying to optimize the web site.

    Yes, very good points by the guests.

  2. mcbowler permalink

    Lots of good points. Still, what is the solution? Maybe we should come up with some options and have a vote.

    First immigration option. All new immigrants must pay me 10% of their earnings for the first five years or $10,000, which ever comes first.

  3. james permalink

    1. no nation, not even the greatest (america) can sustain unlimited immigration; in other words, if you flood a nation with enough new
    immigrants, it will collapse

    2. people often make the mistake of thinking those who don’t agree with their immigration stance are xenophobic, just as liberals may think that those who disagree with their gay marriage stance are homophobic

    3. some call america (but not other countries) “evil” for wanting to curb immigration to sensible levels. people expect america to take everyone in and don’t hold other countries to the same standard. some are ashamed of america’s national identity (or don’t even want us to have one), whereas they are more tolerant of (or even applaud) the national identities of other nations

    4. the best points of the evening were made by pat beekman, dayna goodenow, gregg geary, and tracy ryan. the arguments made by stuart and daniel were naive – though I acknowledge that both young men are obviously intelligent, thoughtful, and well-intentioned

    • mcbowler permalink

      Not having a quota on immigration would not collapse our country if the country were more like the republic that it should be.

      I think the bigger problem is people think they can vote our rights (and property) away because they have greater numbers or are in a higher position. Eventually the productive members of society will stop working, and the country will end up like Russia.

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